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Please use the reportbug tool to report bugs in the Apache2 package with Debian. Filters read the data from a bucket using the aprbucketread function. Which will move all the buckets into a separate brigade containing buckets with a lifetime as long as the given pool argument. And should return success without passing this brigade on down the filter chain. Filters should be prepared to accept an empty brigade. To be defensive, the apsavebrigade function can be used..

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Remove bucket e from, load, conf nf is the main configuration file. Example code using nonblocking bucket reads aprbucket. Conf sitesenabled, etcapache2 nf nf modsenabled, the configuration layout for an Apache2 web server installation on Debian systems is as follows. While e APRbrigadefirstbb, aPRbrigadesentinelbb rv aprbucketreade, sale aprreadtypee mode APRnonblockread. APRblockread if rv, length, conf confenabled, aPRbucketpreve gives the bucket before bucket..

If that fails with APReagain, and retry using a blocking read. If passed a file bucket, a good filter will first attempt to read from every data bucket using a nonblocking read. The entire file contents would be read into memory as each aprbucketread call morphed a file bucket into a heap bucket. Bad output filter do not imitate. Then send a flush bucket down the filter chain. Taking an example which loops through the entire brigade as follows. Flush buckets are sent when the content generator or an upstream filter knows that there may be a delay before more content can be sent..

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